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Happy Birthday to Me

It was my birthday last Wednesday June 9 and my lovely girlfriend Ronalyn got me this charging station and USB Watch(the one in the middle). I’ve been eying this watch for a few months now. It’s exactly the same as the limited¬†Serato watch that was released with the new Sl3. It only came with the new Sl3 unit and you can’t buy it separately. I’ve been watching a few on Ebay and they sell for over $100 which is too much for me. So I found this one online for only $40 but it was sold out everywhere. It’s exactly the same except that it doesn’t have the Rane and Serato logos.¬† 2 weeks I saw they were in stock and got REALLY excited. I told Ronalyn that is what I REALLY REALLY want for my birthday. I kinda forced her to buy it that day because I said if she wasn’t going to buy it I was going to go ahead and buy it. I’ve been in need of a new USB flash drive because this dude at work used my computer and kicked my flash drive on accident and bent it all up. It’s also 8gb which is way more than 1gb I had.

I also got this charging station to nicely sort my daily essentials. Before I just had this box that I threw my unread mail, watches, phone, bluetooth, and pocket change in no order. It wasn’t pretty at all. Overall I had a great birthday. I don’t like to make big deals out of my birthdays but I had a great night at our favorite sushi joint Soya with a coupon of course. I appreciate everyone who greeted me and wished me a happy birthday.

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    You're so totally welcome. Hehe.


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