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You Shouldn’t be Driving a Luxury Car If…

Almost everyday I see person with a BMW, Lexus, or Benz that can barely afford their car. They are supposed to be LUXURY cars symbolizing that you are wealthy. You clearly aren’t wealthy if you fall into any of these categories and you shouldn’t be driving a luxury car if…

  1. You live with your parents
    • I shouldn’t really have to explain this one. I’d be super embarrassed if I picked up a girl because I had a nice car and drove her back to my parents house.
  2. You live in an apartment
    • Just because you moved out of your parents crib still doesn’t mean you should splurge on a luxury car. Cars and apartments are NOT investments. That means your 2 biggest monthly payments (rent and car) are going down the drain every month. You will never see that money again. Investments like a house grow over time. Your luxury car will go down in value about 30% every year. I live in an apartment right now and see a bunch of people with Mercedes and BMW’s and just shake my head when I see them.
  3. Have sport racks on top or a trunk rack
    • Luxury SUV’s may get a pass on this but sedans NO. Handcrafted leather seats and interiors aren’t made to repelĀ  mud and dirt after your mountain bike ride. You should have bought an SUV or truck
  4. You have lumber and plywood from Lowes sticking out of the trunk
    • Aint nothing luxurious about picking up lumber in a Benz. If you’re really wealthy you’d pay a contractor to do your repair work.
  5. Have ghetto repairs like duct tape, a plastic bag for a window, or use the spare tire for more than a week
    • I think people fail to realize how much repairs and parts cost for luxury cars. A simple oil change for a benz is about $100. If you buy a Benz, BMW, or Lexus be prepared to afford the repairs.
  6. You have more kids than the backseat can fit
    • I had a coworker maried with 3 kids and her only car was a Mercedes convertible coupe. It was a nice ass car but clearly not a family car.

Even though cars are most peoples most prized possessions Cars are not an investment and will be old in 5 years when a new model comes out. It’s worth spending most of your paycheck on a car when the value on it keeps decreasing unless Jesus drove it

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  • bren

    That's why they say, “it aint trickin' if you got it!” (I'm not putting up a front that I'm rich if I really am rich!). I've actually seen a Bentley in front of us in a McDonalds drive through. Dude payed so much money for his car, now he has to survive off the dollar menu.

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  • CommonSense11

    dumb article.

  • Maddie M

    LOL. You make some very good points!

  • Yorlogizvaki

    I drive a 5 series BMW and I take it camping, mount my bikes to the roof and don’t care what you think, cause I can afford to trade this one in when I’m ready, so what’s your point? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have one…

  • Yorlogizvaki

    just like you don’t have a BMW.

  • Jw

    I disagree with all of the above.

    1. You could be living with your parents for positive reasons like taking care of them due to disabilities.

    2. Living in apartment is totally fine. You are looking for a new place, not sure where you want to live, or remodeling your house.

    3. I love my BMW and love biking so i put my road bike on my roof. Remove dirty bike clothes when you get in any car.

    4. I sometimes like to do wood projects because i enjoy it. Don’t want to hire contractor when i want to work n my own project.

    5. Sometimes you have to do temporary fixes until your part is in or when you have time to drop off the car.


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