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Why Filipinos LOVE Buffets

Whenever there is a celebration for Filipinos and its not at your Aunties house you can bet $100 its going to be at a Chinese Buffet.

College Graduation? buffet
High school graduation? buffet
Baptism? buffet
Inexpensive wedding reception? buffet

No matter the occasion Filipinos love buffets! It can get sickening during the summers when every weekend its buffet after buffet and sometimes even twice a weekend. I’m never one to complain over a free meal I just wish sometimes there would be some variety with the restaurant choices. I finally realized why they love buffets so much:

Filipinos HATE reading menus

To my dad a menu looks like a calculus test. He squints hard, scratches his head, tries to read and says “Shiet! I porgot my glasses” but he just doesn’t know what the hell to get.  You can give him 30 mins and he still wouldn’t know what to order. So my mom has to intervene and makes a few suggestions on what to order. When it comes time to finally place the order my dad looks like a deer in headlights. Frantically flipping through the menu he finally makes a choice. OR my mom blurts out an order for him. Then the waiter asks “what sides would you like?” Dad answers “mashed potato and prench pries!” My mom has tell him not to order 2 potato sides and instead orders a side salad for him.

I believe their fondness for buffets goes back to the Philippines where most restaurants are cafeteria style and you see the food while you order. Filipinos hate trying to interpret a menu to pick a good dish and fear picking something bad. They like to visually survey the actual food:

“ohh dat is gewd, dat looks old, oo I hab dat one bepore das a gewd one too, I nebor hab dat but I try it, OHHH Daddy there’s crab legs!”

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    This is sooo funny…


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