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Rebecca Black does NOT Suck

So last week after Daniel Tosh bashed 13 year old Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” the video went viral and ushered a wave of hate. Last week hating on Rebecca Black’s Friday eclipsed Lady Gaga’s latest video. I had to really listen to the song and judge for myself instead of following the cool trend of hating on “Friday.” Honestly it’s not bad for an amateur 13 year old girl not even signed to a major label. I get more embarrassed watching The Filipino Channel with 24/7 wannabe Jabbawockee dancers and singers butchering American pop songs. Rebecca Black sucks compared to groomed superstar artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Alicia Keys who have major label backing for the best song writers and producers money can buy. But I believe the song is pretty good for an amateur. At 13 most kids aren’t experts at anything and are just having fun exploring their passions. I can think of a ton popular songs that sucked worse than Friday. Britney Spears “Opps I did it Again” was a huge hit, but the lyrics of the song weren’t much better than “Friday” and the video was ultra cheesy. Rebecca Black’s voice sounds like Ke$ha who can’t sing but gets millions of radio spins and has a platinum album. I feel bad for Rebecca Black and I hope some good comes out of the millions of views. Some major producer/songwriter should offer her a web redemption and pen her a properly produced hit. Instead of hating on her check out these people who really suck.

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