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Ridiculous Black Friday 2011 Recap Videos

Last night I was entertaining myself watching these ridiculous Youtube clips of people going crazy on Black Friday. So I thought I’d share my favorite ones.

These kids at Urban Outfitters are like hungry Zombies. I think the sale was only 50% clearance, which is usually over picked trash.

I love me some waffles, I might fight someone for a $2 waffle maker. If I was in the crowd I’d let out a fart to try and clear out a few people.

It’s a shame people fight over some towels, maybe if they were Versace or even some Ralph Lauren towels I’d understand but this is Wal Mart.

People actually use those crappy Straight Talk prepaid cell phones??

Fighting through people for a $30 Madden game isn’t worth it. I see that game for $40 all over the place

Over a 4GB Memory Card? You can find those online for like $5 all the time

I went to Potomac Mills at 9am and Tysons Corner around 8pm and both were surprisingly not that crazy. Parking was easy to find and there were no long lines. The 12am openings is a good way to weed out the crazies and leave breathing room for the normal shoppers who aren’t seeking the door-busters and $2 Waffle Makers.

The only thing I really had my eye on were Ikea Expedit Bookshelves for $19.99, usually $40. The Expedits went on sale on Sunday instead of Black Friday but people were going crazy over them as if it were still 12am Black Friday. We luckily made it out with 2 even though we only planned to get one. Here is a photo  of the bookshelf madness courtesy of Ronalyn

Lesson Learned: Don’t go to Wal Mart on Black Friday! I try to avoid Wal Mart anyways, ESPECIALLY on the 1st and 15th of every month. After 5pm on a payday is like black friday twice a month at Wal Mart.

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