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Cupcake; A Bit of Sugar For The Soul. Brought to you by BittenSweet and Mixed by DJ Chris Cruz

DOWNLOAD HERE (AAC file with Skippable tracks iPhone/iPod friendly) or DOWNLOAD HERE (Plain ol big MP3 file) or Listen to Stream on my Mixcrate page. Here’s the 2nd mix I made for my girlfriends food blog BittenSweet. It’s an upbeat mix of indie female artists along with some badass British soul sangers. The perfect soundtrack […]

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My Take On Vestax/American Music & Sound Customer Service

So around November of last year I decided to give the Vestax VCI-300 a chance after my first go round with it. I wanted something portable I can practice sets with anywhere I go. I found a STEAL on one for $300 but it was broken and still under warranty. So since I had a […]

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My Review for the Vestax VCI-300

I see alot of people online asking about the Vestax VCI 300 Serato Itch midi controller so I thought I’d put my 2 cents in on it. Earlier this year I impulsively bought one because I found a steal for one on Ebay for $500. I sold my speaker system that I haven’t used in […]

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What is a DJ if he can’t scratch??

Here’s a little vid of me practicing sorry for the wack quality. This is my first time ever webcaming on youtube Possibly Related Posts: Cupcake; A Bit of Sugar For The Soul. Brought to you by BittenSweet and Mixed by DJ Chris Cruz My Take On Vestax/American Music & Sound Customer Service My Review for […]

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Rest In Peace to my Mentor DJ Big E

As I was writing my last post I came to think of my old friend and mentor Eric Suiter aka DJ BIg E. So I tried to look him up and sadly found out he passed away in July. I met Big E through my neighborhood friend Wayne. Big E was dating Waynes sister and […]

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My DJ Setup

I’ve had this setup for a year now but never showed it off. I’ve always wanted a beautiful DJ console that looked like a real piece of furniture. My past DJ setups looked just like a big pile of electronics on top of a spaghetti mess of wires. When I first moved into this apartment […]

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Rane FTW!!

Last Saturday I sent my TTM57 for repair because the left line fader wouldn’t fade correctly. They said it takes 3-4 days turn around time. So I didn’t expect to get my mixer back until next week at the earliest. BUT low and behold I got it back today! They even reboxed it in an […]

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