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Flickr Friday Spring Time In Richmond

Two weeks ago Ronalyn and I went to Richmond to watch VCU’s Final Four game. It was fun re-exploring Richmond and enjoying the game with fellow Rams. VCU has had a few NCAA Tournament appearances but usually get knocked out in the 1st and 2nd round. But they have never got as far as the […]

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Flickr Friday ECSC Virginia Beach 2010

ECSC is the biggest annual event on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. All the big name sponsors like Quicksilver, Billabong, and Volcom setup tents and booths all over the beach. People pack the beach all the way to the water. This years event was really good because there was a hurricane brewing and the waves were […]

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Flickr Friday Virginia Beach House at Night

So it’s been a while since I’ve taken night photo’s and I love the surprise factor after setting a long exposure. Since it has gotten a little warmer lately I decided to break out the camera and take pics of this house I’ve been eying since last year. I’m sure the owner wouldn’t mind since […]

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Flickr Friday Kirby the Elf

This is the 2nd year Kirby wore his Christmas coat. This year it was a little tight on him, I guess he grew a bit since last Christmas 2009. I’ve wanted a little elf hat for him since he has pointy little elf ears, and I finally found one at Petco. I think we’ll have […]

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Flickr Friday Busch Gardens Christmas Town 2010

So last year when we went to Busch Gardens Christmas Town, Ronalyn had just purchased her SLR and neither of us knew how to use it beyond the automatic setting. The pictures we took were far from decent. So this year we were ready to take way better pictures equipped with better photog skills, multiple […]

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Flickr Friday Post Numero Uno

Last summer I became OBSESSED with learning photography after snagging a steal on an SLR from Craigslist. I spent all of my free time reading photography blogs and dissecting pictures. I learned that good photography is WAY more than simply buying a big fancy camera. You can have a $1000 camera and still take horrible […]

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