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My Review of Tumblr: The Pros and Cons

I’m a bit late to jump on the Tumblr bandwagon because I already have Twitter and my own blog. From an outsider it seems slightly more robust than Twitter but way more slimmed down than Blogger. I haven’t seen a need for me to join Tumblr but I’ve been itching to know why the hell […]

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No time for taxes? There’s an App for that!

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Apple TV + Boxee = FTW!!

This past weekend I bought an Apple TV because I’ve been tired of downloading my favorite shows and burning them on DVD.  I had a PS3 but I did not play ONE single game on it. All I used it for was to watch episodes of True Blood.  I was never interested in playing any […]

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An In Depth Review of Rdio

So for the past few months Rdio (pronounced arr-dee-ohh) has been making a splash in the tech scene as the next big thing in music.  It’s an on demand online music service created by the founders of Kazaa and Skype.  It competes with Rhapsody and the soon to be US released Spotify. They just opened […]

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How to Send Free Unlimited Texts on Blackberry

Setup 1. Sign up for Google Voice! It’s still invite only but invites are not that hard to come by. 2. Pick your new Google Voice phone number. If you use your existing cell phone number you cannot send free texts. 3. Go into Settings and Voicemail Notifications make sure you uncheck Send SMS text […]

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