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Ridiculous Black Friday 2011 Recap Videos

Last night I was entertaining myself watching these ridiculous Youtube clips of people going crazy on Black Friday. So I thought I’d share my favorite ones. These kids at Urban Outfitters are like hungry Zombies. I think the sale was only 50% clearance, which is usually over picked trash. I love me some waffles, I […]

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Rebecca Black does NOT Suck

So last week after Daniel Tosh bashed 13 year old Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” the video went viral and ushered a wave of hate. Last week hating on Rebecca Black’s Friday eclipsed Lady Gaga’s latest video. I had to really listen to the song and judge for myself instead of following the cool trend of hating […]

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Allen Iverson to play in Turkey…a sad fall from grace

Today ESPN reports that Allen Iverson is going to sign with a team in Turkey after no NBA teams have expressed interest in him. While at the same time older players Jerry Stackhouse and Juwan Howard have found teams still willing to sign them.  It’s sad that such a talented and beloved athlete could allow […]

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Why Filipinos LOVE Buffets

Whenever there is a celebration for Filipinos and its not at your Aunties house you can bet $100 its going to be at a Chinese Buffet. College Graduation? buffet High school graduation? buffet Baptism? buffet Inexpensive wedding reception? buffet No matter the occasion Filipinos love buffets! It can get sickening during the summers when every […]

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You Shouldn’t be Driving a Luxury Car If…

Almost everyday I see person with a BMW, Lexus, or Benz that can barely afford their car. They are supposed to be LUXURY cars symbolizing that you are wealthy. You clearly aren’t wealthy if you fall into any of these categories and you shouldn’t be driving a luxury car if… Possibly Related Posts: Ridiculous Black […]

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Happy Birthday to Me

It was my birthday last Wednesday June 9 and my lovely girlfriend Ronalyn got me this charging station and USB Watch(the one in the middle). I’ve been eying this watch for a few months now. It’s exactly the same as the limited Serato watch that was released with the new Sl3. It only came with the […]

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Guess who’s bizzack!?

So I finally decided to get back into blogging and I went all out and bought my own hosting and domain. In the past my blog has been a compilation of random thoughts that usually didn’t relate to each other. They were just more elaborate tweets. I didn’t have any direction for my blog so […]

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The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth Two weeks ago I watched the movie The Ugly Truth. Its about an accomplished, smart,  and by the book news producer played by Katherine Hiegl who runs a morning news program. Unfortunately the program is going down the drain because it’s boring due to its conservative nature. In comes Mike played by […]

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50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind answered by Me

I like to read life development blogs every morning and came across this set of life provoking questions by Marc and Angel Hack Life.  You can check out the original post here: 50 Questions that will Free Your Mind. I’ve answered all the questions here: 1.   How old would you be if you didn’t know […]

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Where I am now

Since I graduated school over year ago and being in my mid 20’s it has come time for me to really focus on being an adult. For the past year since late 07 I’ve been working various office jobs. Having a desk, computer with internet access, and dressing up everyday made me like I’m officially […]

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